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How to Calm a Dog Down During a Thunderstorm, Per Chewy

It is thunderstorm season where Chewy resides, and the most curious development has occurred as storms have ramped up here. Chewy has been in tremendous duress, shaking and panting as rain pours and thunder roars. What makes this odd?Ever since Chewy first joined his forever family at 13 weeks old,…

Pomeranians Shed: 3 Must-Have Brushes To Manage Their Fur

Do Pomeranians shed a lot? No. At least, not in the summer and winter. That said, it takes a lot to be a fluffy wonder, and Chewy has no shortage of fur to show for it. After all, Pomeranians have two coats, the undercoat and the outer (or top) coat. This fact means you have to brush them daily to …

Can A Pomeranian Walk On A Dog Treadmill? [VIDEO]

It is the question on many dog parents’ minds, and it is there for a reason. Can your precious pup (in this case, a Pomeranian) get the daily exercise they need without you having to go outside for it? Inclement weather, your own health, as well as the risks that walking outdoors can have, are reas…