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Prepare for a Pomeranian Christmas with Chewy on YouTube

You may have had a lot of Christmases, but have you had a Pomeranian Christmas? Chewy tells you how he preps for the yearly flurry of festivities in the YouTube video below. Prepare for your share of cuteness and delightful Christmas music. (Who knew there was such a great selection in YouTube’s li…

Welcome To Chewy’s Merch Store: 12 Dog-Gone Fun Treats

It is the Christmas treat you did not know you wanted and now know you need. Chewy has a merch shop open and ready for business. The top Pom insisted that the magic of his adorable little self, don some attire so he can be closer to more hearts. So, if you were wondering what to get this holiday se…

Top Pom Chewy Goes Christmas Shopping In New TikToks

Chewy’s back on TikTok. He had to take a break starting a few months ago due to everything going on in his life. Now, he is ready to take a wowing bow back to his favorite social media platform. Chewy has taken walks in his stroller and gotten started on his Christmas shopping in his return videos…

Chewy Is 2-Years Old Now: A Belated Happy Birthday Post

Happy Birthday, Chewy! The adorable, affable, and feisty Pomeranian recently celebrated his second birthday. Where has the time gone? To be honest, it scares me. But, before I fall to a million pieces and start crying, you need to know how extraordinary Chewy is.Chewy is smart, quirky, and precious

Check Out Chewy As A Super, Superman For Halloween 2021

No kryptonite in sight! Happy Halloween 2021 from Chewy the Pomeranian! It is his second one, and he is thrilled to share pictures from his costume of choice: Superman. Or, in his case, Super-dog? Either way, Chewy is wishing you the happiest of days filled with no tricks and nothing but treats.If …